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Dark Flame Chapter 11

Idris's Proverb:

I watched Christopher talk the Old Blood. I knew instantly that the Old Blood's mate was a Youngling by the way the other three vampires stayed away from her. Idris they've accepted us. But they are wary of you. They sense that we are not telling them the truth.
I knew they wouldn't accept us right away. Do you think we should tell them the truth?
No. Not until we pass their tests and see how they operate.
Sure Christopher. You better know what you are doing. Remember the last time we tried to join a coven?
I remember Idris.
"Okay everyone let's go get something to eat." Azul said. We hung back behind the group so we could talk.
"What do you think they'll do to us when they find out why we ran?" I asked Christopher.
"No idea. The Old Blood wasn't happy when I probed his mind."
"As to be expected from an Old Blood."
"Well considering how we killed an Elder we're going to be dead soon anyway if they catch up with us. That is why we need a coven. We'll be safer from the Elders if we are in a coven."
"I sense the Youngling is troubled." I commented.
"Yes. I sensed that as well. I also smelled the faint scent of a Trieste upon her."
Christopher wrinkled his nose in disgust. "I wonder if it was the same Trieste who gave you that scar?"
"We'll have to question the Youngling but I don't think the Old Blood will allow us to be near his mate."
"That could be a problem. If we end up having a clan of Triestes and Elders after us..."
"We'll deal with that when the time comes."I said.

1673: Boston, MA

"Idris come to town with me." Christopher said.
"What for Christopher?"
"For a walk on the town."
As they walked along the street they whistled at the pretty girls and laughed with each other about their teacher Mr. Frances.
"Good evening gentlemen. Do you have the time?"
"It's 8:00 in the evening" Idris replied looking at his watch.
"Do you mind helping me with my horse? I'm afraid I've lamed the poor thing's leg."
"Right away." Idris said cheerfully.
"Idris I don't think..." Christopher started but Idris and the man had disappeared. Panicking he ran down the street calling his brother's name and then heard a scream. He ran to a shadowy alley and saw his brother Idris bleeding from the neck.
"Idris!" Christopher fell to his knees besides his brother and pressed his hand against the wound.
"Christopher... that man is a... v... vampire."
"Look out!" Idris screamed.
Christopher didn't have time to move as the vampire threw him into the wall and buried his fangs into the neck of Idris. Idris couldn't move due to blood loss and soon the light from his eyes faded. The vampire raised his head and lunged at Christopher. He screamed as the vampire slammed him hard against the wall and tore into his neck. He struggled as the vampire lapped up the meal and gradually he sank into death's embrace.
Christopher woke up. He turned his head and saw Idris sitting next to him.He tried to sit up but screamed as pain shot through his body. The door opened and the vampire came in dragging a young girl with him. She was gagged and had her hands tied behind her back.
"Hurts doesn't it?" The vampire said to him. "It will pass soon."
"What have you done to us?" Idris asked.
"Well I decided to make you into vampires. I was hungry and then decided I wouldn't mind having some friends to play with. We could make such a good team together."
"You bastard! I'll kill you!" Idris shouted running at the vampire.
He laughed and threw the girl at Idris. Idris jumped over the girl and she hit her head on the cement floor. Then the vampire slashed the girl's face with a knife and looked at Idris. Christopher had managed to sit up this time and was staring transfixed at the girl.
"I'll let you two feed. You'll feel so much better after your meal."
The vampire left and locked the door. Idris ran over to Christopher and helped him to stand. They turned and stared at the women, licking their fangs. Then they lunged at the poor women and began to feed...

1683: Apache Land

"Idris come with me," the vampire said.
Idris snarled at his blood father and struggled against his grip.
But his blood father was too strong for him. He was after all an Old Blood.
"Idris!" Shouted Christopher.
The Old Blood snarled at Christopher and lashed his power out which sent the cage Christopher was in flying against the far wall. Then he turned and dragged a struggling Idris away.
Christopher snarled and wrenched the bars off his cage. He scrambled through the opening and lunged at his blood father.
The Old Blood and two Younglings snarled at each other. Idris and Christopher had often been sent out to hunt for their blood father and Idris was their blood father's slave. They hadn't had the opportunity to practice their powers or their fighting skills. Christopher lunged at his blood father's throat but he was thrown away like a rag doll. Idris snarled and jumped on their blood father, his weight knocking the older vampire to the ground. Christopher ran back and sank his fangs into the Old Blood's throat and used his teeth to tear off the flesh. The Old Blood snarled in anger and struggled to get the two Younglings off but he hadn't been out for five years so he was slow in his reflexes. Idris pulled out the knife that he had hidden in his boot and slammed it into the Old Blood's chest. There was a scream and then a pile of dust.
"Let's get out of here," Idris said. With a final look of disgust they stumbled out of the home and fled into the night...

1690: Yukon Territory, Canada

"Christopher let's go home and see our family," Idris said.
They were standing in the woods. The moon and stars were out. A dead deer lay in a small pool of blood. They hadn't had human blood for three weeks and were starving. Their powers and senses were weak from lack of human blood. A vampire could not go longer than a week without human blood. But it was hard to find any humans this far north.
"We need to feed first. We need to find a human to feed on before we go anywhere," Christopher said.
"Then we'll have to go south." Idris said.
Christopher's stomach grumbled. "And get some food in our bellies." They laughed.
For once they were two their normal selves again. Two young boys playing in the pond instead of going to school. Working hard on their father's farm to feed the family. Crying as they watched their father yell at their older brother for committing the ultimate act of betrayal and engaging in sexual relations with the Governor's daughter.
Their life as free vampires was still something they were getting used to. It seemed like they were trying to make up for the time they had lost in their blood father's home.
"Who knows if our family is still alive?" Idris said sadly. "I just want to see if they still are."
"As do I my brother. But we must be prepared for their death. And what if they are alive? Do you really think our father will allow us back into our old home? Don't you remember the stories our father used to tell us?"
"But we are not like the vampires of the Old World. We don't feed off of pregnant women and try not to feed on children under ten."
"Aye but you know our father. He won't care that we are not like those of our kind in the Old World."
They fell silent and then began journeying south. Days passed without any signs of humans and then one day they smelled the familiar bitter taste of fear. They listened and heard the panting of an animal and then tensed as they got wind of a new scent. It was of a powerful predator. They had only encountered Rookies and the occasional Old Blood in their time in the Yukon.
The prey screamed as it fell. They heard a snarl and ran towards the place where they had heard the prey falling. A chase by another predator was always exciting. Often they would try to track the prey and worry it until it stopped or fell down in exhaustion. Fighting with bears and mountain lions was a thrilling event for them and when they managed to kill one which was rare, it was a success.
They were so hungry that they did not realize the vampire was much older than an Old Blood. They had heard of the Elders and Ancients but had never seen any for themselves. They lunged at the vampire as he bent down to feed on the prey. He was caught off guard and the two brothers snarled as they tore into the other vampire. Idris snarled as the prey managed to get to his feet and quickly brought the prey down again with a sharp kick to the legs.
Idris grabbed a hatchet that the prey had been carrying and quickly hacked off the older vampire's head. Then they turned toward the prey and hungrily tore into it. For just a moment they were like the insane vampires they had been sixteen years ago.Then they searched through the vampire's pockets and found small card. It had a dagger in a bat under the moon and a few words underneath which read:
Xavier Cross. Turned: 800 AD. Blood father: Yak Underwood. Status: Elder.

"What are we going to do about the Old Blood?" Idris asked Christopher.
"Nothing. Just stay out of his way and we'll be fine."
"What about that Youngling? She reeks of Trieste."
Ignore her Idris."

Acorn's Proverb:

"Is there a problem Christopher?"
"No. My brother is just broody today."
"Okay. What can you two transform into?"
"That is good. I never paid attention to other blood lines. I know there are Earth vampires, Fire vampires and Water vampires."
"I don't understand the point of water vampires myself."
"What is your line?"
"Earth vampires."
"So who is the Youngling?"
"That is Azul's mate."
"And he's your father?"
"Yeah. He's a pretty good friend to have when you need him. He doesn't abandon his fledglings like the majority of our kind."
"How do you mean?"
"Unlike most of our kind Azul stays with all his fledglings until they turn five years old and regain their sanity."
"Sounds like a good guy. So what made Azul attracted to that Youngling?"
"You'll have to ask him."

Azul's Proverb:

"I need to do something about those two newcomers," I said to Jasmine.
"Like what?"
"I'm not sure yet. I believe Dusk. There is something they are not telling us."
"Well they bring the Elders upon us?"
"I'm not sure."
"What will we do if the Elders attack us?"
"Right now we need to worry about Christopher and Idris. And we also need to worry about Light's fledglings coming after us."
We apparated to a small restaurant and took a booth in the back. When around humans we had to be careful about revealing our true nature. It was annoying really having to walk as slow as a human or to try to be miserable. Since finding Jasmine and turning her into my mate, life was wonderful for me. I felt like I had something to live for.
"Honey you need to eat," Dusk said quietly to her daughter.
"But I'm not hungry for food."
Dusk growled low in her throat at the remark. "You know we need to be careful not to draw attention to ourselves."
"It's alright Dusk. She'll learn with time. Just be kind to her," Acorn said to his wife.
"I'll take you hunting myself later if you like," I said to Honey.
"Thanks Azul!"
Just then there was a sound outside. I looked up and my heart sank.Standing outside were twenty of Light's fledglings.

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