Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dark Flame Chapter 10

I gazed at Jasmine's limp form and looked up as Acorn came running into the room.
"Azul I'm so sorry. I tried to stop Light and the others from hurting Jasmine."
I picked her up and and carried her out of the room. Then I laid her on the ground and pulled the piece of sharp wood out of her stomach. The wound healed within seconds and I caressed her hair. As soon as she regained her senses I helped her stand up. "It's time to go away from here. Can you walk?"
"Yes. What happened?"
"You were attacked by Light. Don't worry," I said as I saw the fear in her eyes. "He's dead."
Looking at Acorn I shook his hand. "If you want to come with us feel free."
"I'd be glad to. If you are sure it will be alright with your mate."
"Well Jasmine?"
"I'd be happy if Acorn came with us."
"Then it is settled. Let's get going."

Acorn's Proverb:

I glanced at Azul and Jasmine. It was so nice how my blood father doted on my blood sister. I was only two hundred years old but I had fought Light to the best of my ability and Azul knew that. I gathered my mate Dusk from my room and our child Honey and together we left the mansion. The five of us were now a coven.
Dusk was of Mexican origin. She was only twenty years old in vampire years but appeared eighteen in human years.Our daughter Honey was a spitting image of her mother. We traveled at night and slept during the day in order to not draw attention to ourselves. We curled up together under the thick branches of the thicket where we were sheltered as the rain came down.
"Daddy I'm hungry," Honey said to me.
"We just fed a few hours ago. Go back to sleep. Tomorrow we'll catch you a fox."
"I want a friend to play with."
"We'll talk about this tomorrow."
"Someone a couple of years younger then me."
"Tomorrow Honey."
I kissed her softly and watched her fall back asleep. It wouldn't be long before we hopped a ship to China.Then we'd start a new life as a family.

Jasmine's Proverb:

The noon rays shone brightly into my face as I awoke from a deep sleep. My stomach grumbled and I shook Azul awake. He shut his eyes at the noon sun and jumped to his feet.
"I'm hungry."
"For food or do you want to feed?"
"Both," I admitted.
He nodded and then led me away from our family. I quickly picked up the scent of another vampire and snarled. Azul paused and sniffed the air.
"Rookies," He said to me. "I'll deal with them."
I caught the scent of a deer and ran after the animal. Azul easily ran past me in wolf form and bit into the animal's neck. He growled as the deer tried to throw him. But Azul hung on while I caught up and bit into the animal's haunch. Together we brought the animal down. Just then the two Rookies appeared.

Azul's Proverb:

"What do you two want?" I snarled at them. I got up and stood over my mate and prey with my teeth bared. I had resumed my human form in order to feed. Acorn bring your family here at once! We have company.The two vampires hesitated on the edge of the clearing and cringed as they sensed my aura. Acorn, Dusk, and Honey quickly appeared and stood off to the side waiting for my orders. They knew that since I was the oldest of the group and the father of Jasmine and Acorn that I was the leader of my coven.
The two Rookies glanced at each other. I could see that they were identical twins, but one of them had a scar on the right side of his face. That would make it easy to tell them apart.
"My name's Idris," the one with the scar said. "This is my brother Christopher."
"We saw you escaping from Rancor's." Christopher said. "We're sick of being on our own so we decided to follow you."
"Lucky I'm a tracker," Idris said. "It wasn't that difficult to figure out where you were."
"So will you let us join your family?" Christopher asked glancing around at my group.
"A tracker huh?" I asked. "I've only known a couple trackers in my life and they both died when they caught up to me."

Christopher's Proverb:

Easy Idris. We want to join his coven and be a family. Not get killed, I said to my brother.
I just don't like how this Old Blood thinks he is better than us. And what does he mean he killed two trackers already?
If you stay cool and let me talk, I'll ask him about that.  Idris nodded and I turned to the vampire named Azul. "Forgive my brother. We've had a trying time lately. Anyway we were born in 1668 to poor farmers. Our childhood was hard and our eldest brother left our family once he turned fourteen."
"More like he got thrown out of the house." Idris put in.
"As I was saying, when we became teenagers a man came and asked us if we wanted to participate in a game. Being young and stupid we accepted.We lost and he turned us into vampires and then kept us locked up for ten years. We were responsible for hunting for him and gradually we plotted our escape.When he took Idris from me (he was rather fond of Idris) I killed him and we've been living on our own ever since."

Azul's Proverb:

What do you all think? I asked my family privately.
No doubt Light's fledglings will come after us. The more vampires we have in our family the better. Acorn said.
But we don't know anything about them. I get a bad vibe from the one named Idris. Christopher seems fine, but I sensed there was something they weren't telling us. Dusk said.
Jasmine? I asked my mate.
I don't know if I should have a say in this. I'm only a new vampire. But I think we should give them a chance. We can always kill them later if they turn against us.
Then it is settled. We'll let them in on a two month notice. If they pass they will be allowed to stay.

"We've discussed the matter and decided you will be able to join us on a probationary basis for two months. During that time you will be assigned tasks as a pair and separately and if you pass them all then we'll let you stay with us on a permanent basis. But if you turn against us then we won't hesitate to kill you."
"Agreed," Idris and Christopher said.
"Then let's go and find some real food to eat." I said.

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