Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dark Flame Prologue

This is the story of a vampire named Azul who ends up meeting a mortal girl who changes his life forever.
March 1775
I felt myself die. As my heart slowed and my eyesight grew dim the last thing I remembered was seeing the monster before me smiling, her viper sharp fangs dripping with blood; my blood and her laugh in my head. How I wished I had never met the woman and fallen for her charms. But as I lay there, my body wracking in pain as the demon I was to become took over my body I knew I could do nothing to stop it. Death was indeed something to fear.
My heart stopped beating in my chest and gradually the pain in my body subsided. The demon stood before me now and buried her fangs in my neck. I could faintly hear her lapping up the last traces of my blood. I raised a hand to my neck in a pitiful attempt to protect the remaining essence of my life from seeping from my veins into the foul creature’s mouth but she pushed my hand away easily and whispered one word in my mind. Sleep. I knew then that my time had come and I slipped into blackness. Never to regain my humanity again.
I don’t know how long I lay there. All I know is when I woke up I was surrounded by mirrors. My once gray eyes had darkened to black. My light brown skin had paled to a ghostly white. Slowly I stood up and walked over to a mirror directly across from me. As I stood there staring at my reflection and licked the fangs that were pressing into my bottom lip the memories came flooding back into my mind. I cried out in shock and fell to the floor, grabbing my ribs. I tried to breathe and discovered that I couldn’t get any air to my lungs. Panicking I tried to call for help when she appeared.
“How do you feel my pet?”
“I’m not your pet.” I snarled back at her.
She laughed lightly and seemed to float over to me. Vampire. That one word surfaced to the top of my mind. Yes I knew what I was. A vampire like the woman who stood before me. The woman who had taken me from my family. Ruby was her name.
“You are Azul of Rancor’s bloodline. Each fledgling of Rancor posses the power of fire bending. We are also the strongest at using our minds to fight. You will be able to recognize other vampires. Our one enemy is the Trieste. Witches in common speech.”
“I don’t want to be a monster! Turn me back! I don’t want this curse.”
“Curse? No you are mistaken Azul. I have given you a gift. The gift of immorality. Do you know how many humans would gladly sell their souls to become immortal? Hundreds. Thousands even would gladly trade places with you if given the chance.”
I tried to lunge at her but she jumped back. She circled me and nodded in approval.
“I’m glad I chose you. You’ll make a wonderful vampire. Your strength will be an advantage to our bloodline.”
“I hope you get killed.” I spat at her.
“Oh don’t worry. I’m very clever. I’ve been around for seven thousand years and no one has managed to kill me yet. You don’t know how lonely it is being a vampire without a mate or a blood son or blood daughter to care for and nurture.
“Are you hungry? We can go eat some food and then I can take you to the prison where two thieves are being held.”
“I thought vampires couldn’t eat food?” I asked her in shock. I was still trying to learn how to walk and was shocked to learn that vampires ate normal human food as well as mortals.
“Indeed yes we can. We can’t live off just blood you know. That would be impossible. No that is only a myth made by mortals. Another thing we can do is walk around in the daytime without burning in the sun. And of course you’ve already discovered we can see our reflections in mirrors.”
She suddenly appeared behind me and grabbed my hand. Holding tightly she used her mind to transport us to a prison on the outskirts of town. She let go of my hand and nodded toward the two thieves chained to the wall. Then she led me over to them.
I watched as she buried her fangs into the man’s neck and fed on his blood. The man cried out and then went silent. His head fell on his chest and I knew that she had told him to sleep. Feed Azul. You need the woman’s blood if you are going to survive. You’re a predator now. And the strong hunt the weak. Just let your animal instincts take over. You’ll know what to do.
The smell of the fresh blood and the fear on the woman’s face made me dizzy. Without warning I apparated by her side and sank my fangs into her throat. As I fed I saw visions flashing of her life. A scared little girl cowering as her father beat her mother. A young woman smiling on her wedding day. The sadness when her husband went away to fight for the American Revolution. This woman was a mother. She had only stolen some food to feed her young children.
“No! Oh God what have I become? What am I doing?” I cried out loud.
Ruby raised her head and looked at me. She licked the blood from her lips. I shoved myself away from the poor woman and ran. I stumbled as I ran, not having got back the circulation in my legs since my death. I ran from the dying woman and I ran from the monster that made me. My blood mother laughed in my head even as she once again resumed feeding. But as I ran I knew that I too was a monster. And as I tasted the blood in my mouth I smiled.